As cradle Catholic, I grew up in a Polish-dominated suburb of Buffalo, New York, immersed in a culture that was about as Catholic as you can get.

My early adult years were challenging spiritual times as relocation and career took a toll on my family’s spiritual direction until we found a true home at St. Joseph’s University Church in Buffalo. We eventually relocated (again) and today find ourselves settled in Central Virginia. My contributions to the parish include involvement with the Christ Renews His Parish Renewal Weekends, and the ‘Landings’ outreach program to facilitate reconnection with Catholics who have become distant from the faith.

Today, I find myself drawn to try to explore some of the pressing issues facing the Catholic Church, trying to bring a lay person’s view to complex issues that too often get discusses by deep, philosophical arguments with words that involve way too many syllables.

I also hope to bring a ‘balanced’ view to these topics, following the belief that there are always two sides to every story, and the view that shouting and finger-pointing does little to advance real solutions to problems that face us all.

KC Feldt